LoggingSelenium Changes

Release History

Version Date Description
1.2 2009-01-15 Many Fixes, some improvements
1.1 2008-04-05 Rework of internal Logging-Events. New XmlResultsFormatter. Some Bugfixes.
1.0 2008-02-10 First stable release.

Release 1.3-SNAPSHOT - 2009-MM-DD

Type Changes By

Release 1.2 - 2009-01-15

Type Changes By
update Added getter and setter for FILENAME_DATETIME_FORMAT and made it non final in HtmlResultsFormatter bobbyde
fix Return "UNKNOWN" if query for Selenium Versions results in an exception bobbyde
add Added HTML (XML) quoting of special characters (<, > and &) bobbyde
add Added configuration option to not log executed methods as comments. myLoggingProcessor.setLogMethodsAsComments(false); default ist "true" bobbyde
fix Img links (screenshot) in HtmlResultsFormatter result should now also be on Windows relative. bobbyde
add Sample for callback notifier ralf2511
fix Test phase: Run all samples and expect exception in test result ralf2511
fix Prevent multiple '(Wait)' output insite wait loop ralf2511
add Add callback notifier for error and screnshot events ralf2511
fix Capture wait timeout event with class LoggingWait ralf2511
remove Remove selenium-server and selenium-core from dependencies. If necessary add dependencies in your own project. ralf2511

Release 1.1 - 2008-04-05

Type Changes By
update Moved changes.xml to src/site as this place is more suitable. bobbyde
add Report commands excluded from logging. New TestMetrics member commandsExcludedFromLogging returning a String array. bobbyde
fix HtmlResultFormatter did not check commands for exclusion. Unittests added. bobbyde
fix Fixed some Path-Releated Unittest-Issues in XMLFormatter Test, which only occur on Windows. Tests should be run on Windows as well as part of an Release. bobbyde
fix If selenium is misconfigured and does not do anything avoid running into an IndexOutOfBoundsException bobbyde
add Added simple XML-output using XStream. Not tested very much. mfriedenhagen
add Better time measurement - first step - added cmdStartMillis and cmdEndMillis to LoggingBean. New TestMetrics Property "Revision". To get LoggingSelenium Revision diplayed in Results. bobbyde
add Every log-event is put in the queue and filtered after the run. New class EventQueuePostProcessor introduced herefore. bobbyde

Release 1.0 - 2008-02-10

Type Changes By
remove LoggingConstants replaced by an enum class bobbyde
add SeleniumCommandExtensions - enums are better bobbyde
add Added Checkstyle configuration and activated checkstyle in site-generation bobbyde
add Added Eclipse Java-CodeFormatterProfile to be used as a project specific setting. In Eclispe go to Preferences -> Java -> Code Style -> Formatter and Import eclipse/LoggingSeleniumCodeFormatterRules.xml as a project specific setting (or as active profile for your workspace) bobbyde
add If Test is failed, include message of last failed command in test-summary bobbyde
add Added assertThat support in LoggingAssert as this is a powerful assertion bobbyde
fix Fixed display and wording of tooltipp messages in HtmlResultsFormatter bobbyde
remove Hamcrest assertThat matcher bobbyde
add Fest assertThat. Changed many assertions to use assertThat from Fest bobbyde