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@todo 0

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Number of occurrences found in the code: 10

com.unitedinternet.portal.selenium.utils.logging.HtmlResultFormatter Line
maybe place this in LoggingUtils 455
com.unitedinternet.portal.selenium.utils.logging.HtmlResultFormatterTest Line
check with headerLogEvent() test 40
maybe testing formatHeader() directly is now obsolete 176
com.unitedinternet.portal.selenium.utils.logging.LoggingAssert Line
use reflection proxy or AOP to get this working more smoothly 26
com.unitedinternet.portal.selenium.utils.logging.LoggingCommandProcessor Line
both? 162
looks a bit awkward (instantiating and not care about the instance) 281
com.unitedinternet.portal.selenium.utils.logging.LoggingUtils Line
do we need this check? if the new file could be created previously we should be able to write to it 67
com.unitedinternet.portal.selenium.utils.logging.SeleniumCommandExtensions Line
adjust eclipse code formatter to keep enum element each on one line 27
com.unitedinternet.portal.selenium.utils.logging.TestMetricsBean Line
maybe also count commandsProcessed, verificationsProcessed which were not inside a Wait 24
com.unitedinternet.portal.selenium.utils.logging.WaitUseCases Line
duplication - same setup as in LoggingCommandProcessorTest.logExecutionEnvironment() 66